This video shows the Raspberry Pi running XBMC, a multimedia OS that can handle full HD, and works great right away. 

Learning Engineering by Applying DIY

This is what Project LEAD stands for. We are a group of Students that are diverse in background but we all see  one problem, and that is the lack of fun in education when it comes to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) fields.

This website will keep you posted on all of our activities, our mission, and how it is being fulfilled. 

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Some STEM in the news


Change the Equation is spelling out the conditions for STEM careers state by state.

A recent report about succss in STEM and education.

Silicon Valley is catching on. With funding from the county they are educating some 600 students in the area.

Video from the Near Space Balloon launch mentioned in this report. You can see the student payloads in the foreground and an amazing view in the background. This ballon reached 106k feet. Thanks to Space For All, a local non-profit for putting this together.

In India they are seeing a frightening drop in science majors. Let's make sure this doesn't happen!

MAKE Magazine is one of our favorite DIY sources. This season's issue talks about how DIY projects can be taken to the next level.