Near Space Balloon -

The near space balloon has been a project that John's high school has done for the last three years. it will be the most recent year that will be focused on because it involved working with younger children. Project LEAD's focus.

The basic idea of a near space balloon is to send some sort of payload (whether it be a camera, data sensors, etc.) up to between 75 and 110 thousand feet. This is about three times as high as a jet liner flies. The unique conditions of near space provide some unique challenges, but also allow for some very fun science and engineering.

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Here are some more videos of the flight:
A video of lots of the game-day work including interviews of some of the team members.
The video featured on our home page. 
Another launch video with simultaneous views.  

Complete Report with student and teacher guides will be uploaded in due time. 


Here are the criteria for each type of report that we will be doing. The Student and Teacher Plans are subject to change. We developed these as a way to standardize the format in which we ill present our ideas. We are trying to be as transparent as possible, because we want the most feedback possible. 

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Did we goof up? If so just send us a quick email describing where the error is in which report. We really do appreciate the help. Thanks!

More Quoteables

"We are hoping to get kids excited in science, so they will continue that in HS." - Alex M.

"We don't want to kill anyone when this comes down" - David D.

"See, this right here is science." - Sean V.

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