Our Projects

Project LEAD will be focusing on producing YouTube videos from here on out. We hope to show some awesome projects that we have done, and get people interested in the STEM fields. We will be passing 4000 YouTube views the week of May 26, 2013. Some of the 

Current Projects:

Raspberry Pi - We have established another Webs site for the Pi so that it is more focused. 

Juxstaposing Hackable Devices - June 2013

Upcoming Projects:

Arduino... an intro - September 2013

Some possible projects:

Project Update Feed

5/30/13 - Been a while since I've been able to sit down and work with this... Updated this page to reflect new goals.
10/12/12 - Near Space Balloon Brief is now available.
10/2/12 - Working on the first project. Expect it to be uploaded soon.

Project Quotes

"Get me the cheapest crossbow you've got"  -- David D. Near Space Balloon

"For the last time, NO CHEMICAL POWER"  -- Mr. Rowzee Boat Races

"...I don't think the parachute deployed" -- Arpan R. Near Space Balloon